Things to see around Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert of Nevada, so there are a wealth of things to do outside the city, right on its doorstep. Take a trip out east and discover the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and take in the stunning views over this vast rugged landscape, or enjoy a cruise on Lake Mead and the Colorado River. There are many things to do for days out of Las Vegas, so spend a couple of hours exploring this fascinating state.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is the largest reservoir of water in the United States, in terms of volume. This impressive landmark processes 100,000 gallons of water per second through the hydroelectric power station – just to give an example of its scale! During a visit to Hoover Dam, you can see the Colorado River, take in views over Lake Mead and at the Penstock Viewing Platform you can get an exclusive view into the inner workings of the dam. The easiest way to get there is by coach, passing through Boulder City, so sit back and enjoy the ride out to this incredible feat of engineering.

Address: 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 230 Las Vegas, NV 89130
Visit Duration: 4.5 hours

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon can be considered one of the wonders of the world with its spectacular rock formations, colours, natural beauty and sheer size. It’s on most people’s bucket lists so you can’t pass it up during your stay in Las Vegas. A good 4-5 hour drive, a trip out to the Grand Canyon is worth it, and one of the best things to do is join in on a tour with the Hualapai Tribe who will teach you about the history of the area and guide you through their American Indian Reservation. Don’t forget to stop off at the viewpoint for those all-important photos!

Address: Hualapai Indian Reservation, Grand Canyon West
Visit Duration: 8 hours

Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve Las Vegas is an urban sanctuary bursting with botanical beauty. The area, nicknamed the ‘miracle in Mojave’, is a stunning 180 acre conservation site dedicated to preserving the natural wildlife, nature and landscape and it’s a fascinating place to go to learn about the state of Nevada and the Mojave Desert. There’s also a Butterfly Habitat, a solar powered home and a kids playground if you’re travelling as a family. You can even visit the Nevada State Museum for free, showcasing historic fossils and rocks dating back thousands of years.

Address: 333 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
Visit Duration: 3 hours

Lake Mead

Lake Mead, on the Colorado River, is an impressive 112 miles long and is formed by the Hoover Dam. This huge mass of water makes it the largest reservoir in the country so it’s an impressive site, offset against the flaming red rocks, dark granite and rugged Nevada landscape. Enjoy a 90 minute cruise on the Desert Princess and sail around the lake, taking in the views even as far as Fortification Mountain, an extinct volcano with a flat top.

Address: Lake Mead Cruises, 490 Horsepower Cove Rd., Boulder City, Nevada 89005
Visit Duration: 4.5 hours

Spending days out of Las Vegas are worth it – there’s so much to admire in the state of Nevada, boasting some of the country’s most impressive landscapes and natural wonders. Carve a few hours out of your trip and travel out to enjoy Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and Springs Preserve to learn a little more about the beautiful area around Las Vegas.