Las Vegas Weather - What to Wear in Las Vegas

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Seasons in Las Vegas

Thanks to Las Vegas being located in the Mojave desert, Nevada, it experiences very little rain fall all year due to the arid climate. On average Las Vegas enjoys 292 days of sunshine each year, so it's a great city to visit to matter what month it is and you can make great deals on flights and accomodation during every season.

Learn a little more about the weather during your planned trip to the city…

Spring in Las Vegas (March to May)

Spring is considered one of the best months to visit Las Vegas as the temperatures are cooler, but still with plenty of sunshine hours. Average temperatures for March start at low 20sC, reaching 28C by the end of April and 34C by the end of May. Many people plan their trips in April when the temperatures are yet to reach their highest for the season.

If you plan on doing many day trips out to the desert during your vacation to Las Vegas, like a tour of the Grand Canyon, or Hoover Dam; or a cruise on Lake Mead, this is a great month to go. And sightseeing on an open top bus when it's cooler is much more pleasant than later in the summer.

Summer in Las Vegas (June to August)

Because of the arid desert temperatures, the summers in Vegas are hot but also long, and you can experience an average of 13 hours of sunlight a day between June and August. You can expect temperatures to soar well into the 40s and with no respite from any humidity, caused by the dry desert air. Shops and casinos are well air conditioned so you can escape from the heat, and there are plenty of indoor activities and attractions to enjoy, too. If you are looking to budget, the summer months are considered low season so you will find travel and accomodation to be slightly cheaper during these months.

There are plenty of attractions to enjoy inside, such a It is recommended you pack protection from the sun during hot days, especially when sightseeing and spending long days outside. Some great indoor attractions are the iconic Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, and the Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck if you'd rather be in the air condititioning. Or why not cool off at the Cowabunga Bay Water Park, a great family-friendly attraction for all ages.

Fall in Las Vegas (September to November)

Like Spring, the Autumn months are another popular time to visit the city when the temperatures drop off from the heat of the summer. Expect mid 20s in September, dropping down to 14C in October and even cooler in November. For those who can't handle the heat, this is a great time of year to visit and you'll still have plenty of sunshine hours and thankfully hardly any rain - if any at all.

Take the kids to the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat where they can learn about these majestic creatures, or experience some of the nail biting rides like the VooDoo Zip Line and NY NY Roller Coaster, for an adrenaline rush.

Winter in Las Vegas (December to February)

Las Vegas can get pretty cold in the winter with temperatures dropping between 3C to 7C on an average day, so compared to the hot summer months it's quite a contrast. If you are visiting during these months you will need to bring jeans and a jacket, and maybe an umbrella as this season experiences the most rainfall of the whole year. 

Take shelter from the cold in KISS Monster Mini Golf and pitch and put your way past these iconic faces. Alternatively, visit the Belaggio Gallery of Fine Art and admire the exhibitions on show. SkyZone Trampoline Park is another great indoor attraction if you're looking for something fun with the kids.