Xterious Escape Games

Xterious Escape Games

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Xterious Escape is the most exciting escape room game in Las Vegas! Providing the very best in total immersive entertainment, these games are designed to challenge your mind while promoting team building and communications skills. Use your intuition, brain power and creative thinking to solve puzzles and uncover secrets and mysteries while you race against the clock to escape the room.

Bugsy's Nightmare
It's 1945, Las Vegas, NV. Bugsy, the dangerous criminal got a hold of the secret prints of Las Vegas' that would allow him to rule the city and make it his own. Bugsy got called away for a secret meeting, he will be back in 1 hour. This is your only chance to recover the prints and save the city's future. Hurry! Time is of the essence, you must find his safe, get the prints and leave the place before he gets back. If Bugsy finds you there he will kill you all and take over Sin City.

Casino's Dark 11
It's your 3rd night in Las Vegas and you've been having an amazing stay so far but lost one of your friends last night. It turns out that they've been kidnapped, and to get them back, you must meet the kidnapper's demands. Do you have what it takes to save your friend?

Code 13
A dangerous, man-made virus threatens humanity as we know it; millions have died and the epidemic has no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately for you, you've also been infected with the virus but you're part of a team of elite scientists that is close to finding a cure. It's up to you to save yourself and the world, can you finalize the antidote in time?

1950's...Central Mexico, Yucatan peninsula. You are an archaeologist studying ancient Mayan culture. A group of bandits have been robbing the ancient Mayan Villages. You're in a race against the clock to return the statue of the ancient Sun God Mapuche, which was stolen by the bandits. The bandits have been able to stay one step ahead of your team, can you return the sacred statue before the robbers get away?

Getting In:

Choose one of four racing-against-the-clock game room experiences for a thrilling adventure. Reservations are required. Contact (702) 931-2727 to reserve your game room experience. Pass # and names of guests must be available at the time of booking. Valid once per life of your pass.

Monday 12:00 noon
Tuesday 12:00 noon
Wednesday 12:00 noon
Thursday 12:00 noon
Friday 12:00 noon
Saturday 10:30 am
Sunday 10:30 am

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