Free round of mini golf at KISS Monster Mini Golf

KISS by Monster Mini Golf

Las Vegas Power Pass Benefits:

Free round of mini golf at KISS Monster Mini Golf
Normal Ticket Price: Adult: $11.95

Take your golfing to a new extreme at KISS Monster Mini Golf. Be inspired by the Rock star greats as you pitch and put your way across the hell-raising course. Never before will you do anything like it – it’s totally Vegas and totally rock and roll!

Things to do: 

Follow the course past giant neon-lit electric guitars, through flaming tunnels and up a smoking tongue and into the mouth of Gene Simmons himself! Rock out to the iconic hits of KISS as you go along and you’ll be transported into the underworld of this iconic band.

Fun Facts:

• Gene Simmons is believed to have a 12 inch tongue

• Before changing their name to KISS, the quartet were called Wicked Lester

• The first mini golf course recorded was in 1912, called Gofstacle

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Pass valid between 10am to 8pm ONLY
Monday 10.00- midnight
Tuesday 10.00- midnight
Wednesday 10.00- midnight
Thursday 10.00- midnight
Friday 10.00- midnight
Saturday 10.00- midnight
Sunday 10.00- midnight

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KISS by Monster Mini Golf, 3700 W Flamingo Rd,, Las Vegas, NV 89103


(702) 558-6256