Free Hoover Dam Motor Coach Tour

Hoover Dam Motor Coach Tour

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Free Hoover Dam Motor Coach Tour
Normal Ticket Price: Adult: $49.99

Sit back and take in the view over the incredible feat of engineering, the Hoover Dam on a deluxe motor coach tour. You’ll be driven through Boulder City and across the Dam, providing stunning views over Lake Mead with commentary along the way, teaching you about all the fascinating facts about how it was made and how it works.

When you arrive at the dam you’ll have 2 hours to explore this colossal attraction. Take a trip down 500 feet into the walls of the Black Canyon and walk through the old construction tunnels to viewing platform where looking down onto the Colorado River being channelled through the huge dam. 

Things to see: 

- Visit Penstock Viewing Platform to see the water being pumped into the dam

- Spot the art deco and gothic architectural styles of this feat of industrial engineering

- Walk along the top and take in the breath-taking views over Lake Mead and the barren environment in which it sits

Fun Facts:

• 100,000 gallons of water are pumped per second into the hydroelectric power station

• Hoover Dam is the largest reservoir of water in all the United States in terms of volume

• The Dam was constructed between 1931 – 1936 during the Great Depression 

Please note: Tours must be pre-booked in advance by calling (702)-655-6060. There is a Fuel Surcharge of $8 per person and all travellers will be picked up at their hotels after booking their tour. Passenger names and hotel are needed at time of booking. Tours last approximately 4.5 hours and depart at 9am. 

see the: full list of attractions included

Pick-up time: appr. 09.00 / Tour length: 4.5 hours

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